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I shot a ball of fire towards the first giant. He (or at least I think it was a he) was pushed backwards with so much force that he took down two other giants. I could see that his head was completely destroyed, and I started to do some sort of victory dance, when…
His head was growing back, and his comrades were again on their feet.
I was prepared to shoot again, this time with thousands and thousands of bullets, when I noticed that the other giants were so close that they could reach me. I jumped further from them, on the top of another tree.

“What’s that ?”
Eren pointed to something off in the distance. It was a series of strange lights, and some thick smoke.
“I don’t know.” Armin said.
After a few seconds, his face expression changed, fear creeping up on it. His body started to shake as he spoke to Eren.
“Eren…Listen closely and tell me what you hear.”
Eren nodded. He closed his eyes and started to listen carefully. At first, he heard a series of gunshots. Then, the roaring of a group of titans. And above all, someone was screaming. Cursing maybe.
“What the…?” Eren started.
“We have to report this.NOW!” Armin exclaimed.

I was simply…exhausted. For what seemed like the past two hours, I kept shooting this wicked things with everything I had: cannonballs, bullets, fireballs, bombs, small rockets, even with some kind of laser. Nothing worked. And these stupid giants, even if it was obvious that they would never get me, were still trying. Well…I think they’ll kill me if they continue. I’m more and more tired, and I don’t know how I will run away when I won’t be able to fight anymore.
Some people were moving from tree to tree with…wires. Other were riding horses, but the ones with the wires quickly cut the nape of those giants’ neck. I expected for them to get up and continue like they did after my attacks. Surprisingly, they fell on the ground, and disappeared in clouds of steam.
Awesome! For two hours I lost my time like this, when I should have (somehow) cut the nape of their neck. Great…
Wait…If I follow these people I might find the man I’m looking for.
Someone points at me. And the ones who just killed the giants were coming after me.
I don’t know why, but I felt the urge to run and get away from them. Of course, I could just kill them with a single shot. But I didn’t want to. Yes, it was a game, but I don’t like to kill pointlessly.
I jump from tree to tree, the cold air flowing around my face and my body like an invisible river. I’m very fast, and the sensation is divine. It feels like…freedom.
But just to be sure, I look behind me.
Damn! Those guys are still after me. They’re too persistent.
However, I see something that makes me stop.
That man I am supposed to protect. But since he looks like he wants to kill me or so, I guess I still have to run for now.
I close my eyes as I feel how I speed up. I am faster and faster. At least, faster than any human being could be.
I  see a clearing ahead of me. From what I figured out, these guys need trees to move with those wire-things, so once I get to the clearing, I’ll be safe.
“Just a little, just a little and I’ll be gone.”
Unfortunately, my relief has disappeared in the blink of an eye, in the moment when someone grabbed my coat and slammed me to the ground.
With one hand I was holding on to my weapon like it was life itself. Well, it kinda was. If I lost it, I would be lost too. As for the other hand, I tried as much as I could to clear some of the branches. Useless. Most of them would just scratch my face, rip off pieces from my coat, and from my clothes too. Sharp pain erupted from every scratch; I almost wanted just to fall somewhere already.
I landed on the ground with a loud thump, with one of my legs bent underneath me at a weird angle. It hurt like hell, and my vision started to blur at the corners of my eyes.
Also, a group of ten soldiers or so were gathered around me, with their swords out.
“But…It’s just a girl.”
A soldier, about my age I think, was looking at me in disbelief. Some other had the same expression, but he was the only one who dared to speak.
“Well thank you for saying what’s obvious, Captain Horseface!”
Though everyone is tense, I can hear some laughter. It dies in the following second, when a short man steps in front of them.
I jump on my healthy leg, and I keep my balance with my weapon.
“You!” I shout, pointing at him “You don’t know how much trouble you’ve been causing me! I’ve been looking for you in this damn place for more than two hours!” I say.
Just as I finish my sentence, I feel someone’s sword at my neck. Automatically, I kick the soldier so hard that I send him/her into the closest tree. I’m ready to use my weapon to propel me somewhere far away from them, but a strong hand grabs me by the waist. I try to look behind me right in the moment when someone shoots me in the hand, making me drop the weapon. Without it, the soldier is more courageous. He/she hits my injured leg. I scream and I fall to the ground. The same person hits my head with something hard, and slowly, but certainly, I slip towards unconsciousness.

“What the fuck was that?” Levi mutters.
Everyone stares as Mike takes the unconscious girl and puts her on his horse. Moblit helps Hanji stand up- that girl has hit her pretty bad.
“I don’t know” Erwin says “but I think she must know you.”
“Like hell. I’ve never seen the brat before.”
“ Well, we’ll see what she has to say after she wakes up. Mike was a bit too harsh on her. We’re taking her at the infirmary, then we’ll interrogate her.”
They were ready to leave, when Petra came to Levi.
“Heichou, we’re having problems lifting up her gun.”
Some could say that Lance Corporal Levi had the same facial expression in every situation. But the ones who knew him better could tell that he looked like he wanted to kill that mysterious girl.
gomen...just gomen :o3 it didn't turn out as I wanted to
all the characters from Shingeki no Kyojin belong to Hajime Isayama
and you belong to Levi :3
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